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I Have a 2-Year Old

April 4, 2013

Ryan just turned two.  I said I wasn’t going to do a big thing but, true to form, I couldn’t bear the thought of just having people over for pizza.  So we did a thing and it was fun.  Even through my haze of illness (damn stress), I had so much fun watching him interact with his little buddies, running around and shrieking in delight and having their own little toddler conversation that we all sort of understand, but not really.  It was just such a fun day, and I loved seeing him so happy.

And then we went to Elmo.  And I, no joke, spent the first 5 minutes of that stupid show holding back tears because of the utter joy written all over Ryan’s face.  God help the kid when he actually does something worth crying over (and I mean something like graduating; not something like being bailed out).

I cannot believe how fast year 2 went.  As stated here ( and here (, my first year as a mom was less than idyllic.  I am a planner.  I make lists.  I have lists about lists.  I find satisfaction in few things in life as I do with crossing things off one of my lists.  Anyone who has spent any amount of time around newborns or infants understands that they are not a favorable match for a self-professed lover of organization and structure.  That first year dragged on and on.  But this second year?  This second year FLEW by.  I cannot believe how cool my kid has become (well, in between tantrums, that is).  He is funny and smart and curious and sweet (he is also stubborn and mischievous, but that’s a post for another day).  Even on his bad days, I feel really lucky that he’s my kid.  And I can’t wait for year 3.

That is, until he actually cuts those 2-year molars and doesn’t sleep for a week.  Then I may rethink this entire post.

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