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January Rules

January 3, 2013

So Health is the big focus for January and within that, rules to help me with this.  Today I’m back to elaborate on each of my ‘rules’:

1. Exercise more.
I know that exercise makes me feel clear-headed and accomplished and just…well, good.  But I’ve found that if I don’t work out first thing in the morning, then I just don’t work out.  Excuses are made, exhaustion sets in, etc. etc. etc.  I wind up doing lots of thinking about exercise and not much actual doing (right now would probably be a good example of that).

I am most successful when I do a workout first thing in the morning, when I plan out my workouts, when I actually lay out my clothes, and, most importantly, when I just go.  On autopilot.  Without thinking.  That’s how yoga got done this morning.  I just did.  I didn’t want to.  But when the most yoga I was interested in accomplishing was my patented fetal position curl under the covers position, I rolled my tush out of bed at 5am to do my ‘om’s’ and downward my dog.  That sounds weird.  Ew.

I also know that I prefer group classes to individual workouts, but I also enjoy running (at least for the moment).  I do hate yoga, even though I know I should do it.

I am also most successful when I have a schedule; the less thought I have to put into working out, the better, because I spend less time hemming & hawing and eventually running out of time to do said workout.  So my schedule is like this:
Sunday: Run
Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Kettlebells
Wednesday:  Yoga
Thursday: Jillian Michaels
Friday: Spin
Saturday: NOTHING!

2. Eat Healthier
For the most part, we eat a fairly healthy diet.  We plan our meals in advance, purchase only the food required to make those meals, and stick to it pretty well.  We eat two meals out each week: Pizza Fridays & usually a breakfast or lunch sometime on the weekend. 

My shitstorm begins when I’m outside of those very controlled circumstances.  Mindless snacking & consumption of all things sweet are my serious downfalls.  And I mean serious.  I can tack on an additional 1,000 calories a day on snacks and sweets, those bastards.  They are SOOOO sneaky!

That said, I want to become more mindful of my mindless eating – all those nibbles, bites, and tastes that go unnoticed but add up to major results (and not the good kind).  Some things to help with that:

  • Pause before eating a snack
  • Limit sweets to homemade deliciousness & dark chocolate
  • No more visits to workplace disaster zones
  • Continue to enjoy a decadent Sunday dessert
  • Continue monthly meal plans

Today is January 2 and I’m am epically failing at this.

3. Aim to become vegetarian
I don’t think I could ever commit to full time vegetarianism.  Those people are amazing.  And vegans?! Don’t get me started.  But I do have room for improvement in terms of our meat consumption.  We eat too much of it, too often.  So I want to increase our fish based meals from once a week to twice a week (a prospect that will not be looked forward to by either myself or my husband, who will bear the brunt of my incessant whining about how much I hate fish.  I do.  It’s gross.).  I also want to increase our vegetarian meals to at least once a week – and that meal may NOT consist of whole wheat pasta and marinara sauce.  No, I’m going to bust out that vegetarian cookbook and tap into my inner-crunchy person.

4. Do more yoga.
I hate yoga.  So very much.  In fact, it has the OPPOSITE effect on me; that is, instead of getting in touch with my inner being and becoming one with my breath and hearing my third eye and all that crap, I want to throw my yoga block across the room while also tooting in the instructor’s face as she gives yet another encouraging, “Deepen the pose” comment during downward dog.  I really hate yoga.

But, I can’t deny its benefit, especially after I tear my body to shreds with those crazy intense workouts I lined out above (truly. They are hard.).  And so, I will Namaste my way to flexibility.

5. Sleep more.
Stupid, right?  But totally true.  As a mom who works full time, has little to no local support, and has a kid who isn’t a huge fan of sleep & likes to wake before the birds, sleep is a golden commodity around here.  As in, I might choose it above anything and everything in the world.  Except trashy tv.  Because I really do miss endless hours of crap tv.

Anyway, part of this is getting my butt to bed by 8:45.  And part of THAT is getting off the computer by 8:15.  Which I have overshot tonight by 10 minutes.  So good night. 🙂

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