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Mama Told Me There’d Be Days Like This…

July 28, 2011

Ugh…today was one of THOSE days.  You moms know – one of those days where you were thisclose to providing your local fire department with its newest member.  Because most of my day was met with this:

Except this picture is from May, so add 4 pounds and a lot more hair.  And a shrill scream versus a persistent cry.  Yes, Ryan has somehow morphed into a preteen girl discovering Justin Bieber just proposed to Selena Gomez (how’s that for useless celebrity knowledge?).  His cry has become painfully shrill – it actually hurts my ears.  And that means I can’t ignore it, no matter how much I try (wait, what? noooo, I don’t do that!).

I don’t know who took my ordinarily happy baby and replaced him with this demon child, but he certainly tried my patience today.  Wouldn’t nap.  Wouldn’t play.  Would eat, but then spit it all up (which, incidentally, is par for the course around here – otherwise I might have thought he was sick).  I was sticky and stinky from spit up for most of the day.  Even his beloved playmat did nothing to assuage his crabbiness.

Dan put him to bed because I needed a break.  But he inevitably rolled himself over onto his tummy, got himself into a tizzy, and then spit up the bottle he’d just eaten. *sigh*

A few trips around the nursery later and he was all but asleep.  I set him back down in his crib and he woke up and rolled onto his tummy (because after today, why would bedtime be easy? Why?).  I rolled him onto his side and he turned to look at me…and flashed me one of his super awesome smiles where he seemed to be saying, “Hey, mom! I’m so glad you’re here! Let’s play! I’ll keep rolling over and you keep rolling me back – it’ll be SO FUN!”   I couldn’t help but laugh (so much for strict disciplinarian) and said, “Go to sleep, butthead” (my affectionate nickname when he’s trying my patience – which is far better than some of the other things I’d like to say to him).

It amazes me at how frustrated I can be with him and how that all seems to disappear when he smiles at me.  It’s like that smile reminds me that he really doesn’t know any better, that he doesn’t do these things to purposely make me mad.  And sometimes, in the thick of it all, I need that reminder.  I know it won’t always be this way – that one day, he WILL know how to make me mad, and he WILL purposely do it – but for now, I am going to try to enjoy his true innocence while I can.

And if I can’t, I hear the fire department is looking for new recruits.


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