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Big news!

July 25, 2011

So it was like we got rid of Ryan’s swaddle and he just felt freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  Free as a bird!  Because my goodness, he’s been a busy bee in the week since we ditched the baby straitjacket.

First, he decided he liked sleeping on his side.  So he started to do that.

Then, he realized he has a voice.  And has not stopped ‘talking’.  To anything.  He talks to Dan.  He talks to me.  He talks to the star on his playmat.  He talks to his rubber duckies in the bath.  He talks to the wall while he’s on his changing pad.  The kids does not shut up.  He’s sooooo like his mommy.

THEN he learned to grab things and put them in his mouth.  Initially, he adorably demonstrated this with a teddy bear.  He quickly graduated to his rattle of plastic keys.  And apparently that wasn’t challenging enough, because when we were having some outside time (a whole 10 minutes due to the heat this week) he wanted to try a dead bug.  Yup, all boy this kid is.

Lastly, he officially began rolling over, which is an enormous milestone.  And we’re super proud of him and all that.  However…little Roly Poly can’t roll himself back over.  Which would be fine if he were a normal baby.  But no…my son despises being on his tummy even more than being in the bath – and if you read my last post, you know how he feels about that.  So when he rolls over on his tummy, the entire neighborhood knows.  That being said, at least I don’t have to make him do tummy time anymore.

The good news is that he’s working on his upper body strength through this self-imposed tummy time.  The bad news is that I fear once he gains control of his upper body, it won’t be long til he figures out how to crawl.  And if we think we’re busy now, we’ve got something coming when he’s mobile.  Yes, that’s the sound of me programming the doctor into my speed dial as I wrap this up…

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